I invite you to share


*Stories about pets

*Stories about family and friends



*Advice or things you find that work especially well


*Books you’ve read that you would like to recommend

*Anything else that might encourage people, make them laugh or get them to think.

One book I have been reading is, “The Doctor Wore Petticoats; Women Physicians of the Old West,” by Chris Enss.  Those ladies had to be strong and resilient!

So here’s a question:  What qualities do you value about yourself and others?


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I really like your blog! The stories about your animals are great, as is your poetry.
    A couple things I really value about myself and others is compassion for others and a sense of humor.

    • Hello and welcome. Compassion and humor truly are good qualities. A couple I would add are integrity and hospitality in its true sense: The ability to create a space where people can be authentic; a gift for honoring each person. I also admire excellence. One thing about the women in “The Doctor
      Wore Petticoats” that caught my attention was that so many of them turn tragedy into success. One, for example, lost her whole family to Typhoid, so was determined to care for people who were ill.

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