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Prosperity: The Journey that Starts Within; Personal beliefs and wellness

Each of us is responsible for our own wellness:

We live according to what we believe, which is a matter of heart rather than logical mind.

Beliefs come from within. They are reflected in our choices; in the relationships and things we create, including friendships, home environment, work and simpler things like thought and mood.

We all need hopes and dreams; love, joy and peace are essential for life. what we believe about these and our ability to have them determines whether we will. That’s a big statement, I know.

If you believe that you have what it takes to overcome a challenge and build a marriage or career, how well do you think you’ll do?

If, on the other hand, your focus is on inabilities and weakness, either because you let them rule or because you spend all of your energy railing against them, what will the fruit in your daily life be?

Recently, I was visiting with a cousin. I made reference to my disability; he interrupted and said, “You don’t have a disability; you have a hinderance.”

Honestly, I had not thought of that before. I felt very complimented by his remark. I have not let my particular condition stop me, so it doesn’t get much press in my own thinking.

I didn’t overcome and build overnight. I had to learn some hard lessons along the way; I had to slay some inner dragons and face some really unwise thinking on my part.

As I built my life, I had to run some tough hurdles, and climb some challenging mountains (not that I’m done with all of that just yet!)

My observation is, perfectionism and wholeness are polar opposites.

Perfectionism says I have to be and do “just so,” with no room for error or variance.

Wholeness is about embracing all that I am, strengths, weaknesses, talents, gifts, flaws, quirks and all.

Perfectionism wants “just so” right now!

Wholeness respects the life-long process of healing, growing and learning.

It’s a good thing caterpillars don’t struggle with perfectionism:

“Oops, no chrysalis for you; just put on those wings and fly right now!”

Yeeah, right.


What are your hopes and dreams?

If you rated them on my color scale

(green= absolutely; blue=mostly absolutely;yellow=maybe;orange=not likely; red=no way)

How deeply do you believe your hopes and dreams will become reality?


what do you believe about your own wellness? You can use the same scale.


If you are at “orange”, where would you want to be? (I’m betting “green.”


what would you need to do to move from “orange” to “yellow”?


What is one thing you can do to be more well? (Just one!)

By the way, the word, “Prosperity” is about wholeness, not just material or monetary gain.




My cockatiel, Oliver, really liked this one…

I think the bird in the vid might be a little more talented than mine, but Oliver can sing, “Whistle While You Work” finished with a superb wolf whistle!






My love gave me a yellow rose
To say that we are friends;
To tell me of his loyalty
and care that never ends.


My love brought me a rose so white,
So fragrant and so pure,
My heart sang a new melody
About this love so sure.


A red rose gave my love to me,
That drew me to romance.
A flower dark and velvety
That caused my heart to dance.


My love brings me bouquets so fair
Of loving friendship sweet
And I give to him my heart,
Where friends and lovers meet.

A Messenger called Hope


How would you describe “passion”?

Often it is used to express romantic feelings and actions.

Sometimes, it refers to something that a persson really loves to do; something about which someone is especially enthusiastic.


I have a different understanding of passion:

Passion is something that won’t let go of us, that we can’t lay down. We are more than willing to invest ourselves, time, energy and resources.

passion is not always joyful; sometimes, it’s perplexing or painful.

Passion can be an aching need or something that puts a spark of enthusiasm and imagination into us.

Passion involves all that we are, including beliefs, thoughts, feelings and dreams.


How would you know that you are living a passionate life?

For me,

it is when When I am engaged in activity that addresses and expresses my passions.

When I have a sense of purpose and accomplishment

When I find myself fully engaged.

When I am growing, imagining and creating


I personally believe that passion is important. It is what helps us to recognize our calling and gifts.


What are your passions?


How do you, or might you express them?

…Something to ponder.


In the past few weeks, I have been experiencing some healing and breakthrough that has filled me with true hope.
Not the kind I often hear people express, which can amount to veiled expressions of doubt.
They’ll say, “I hope so,” but really don’t expect anything good to happen.
So, what is this wonderful thing anyway?
It is joyful and confident expectation
It can also be
Someone who can help or save:  Jesus is our hope.
Grounds for believing that something good will happen.
A feeling of trust

It’s funny:  Healing brings hope; hope brings healing.

Steve Backlund, of Global Legacy says that if we are not overflowing with hope, we are believing a lie.

Yoncci Cho says, “who should draw a plan for ones’s life? It is when you have a plan in your heart or dream; it becomes a drawing for your own future.”

Hope is the power behind dreams.  It is what gives us courage to express desires or reach out to others; it strengthens us when we take risks – That new friendship; a business venture; healing, learning and growth.

Hebrews 11:1 says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
Faith and hope are partners.  Both have to do with trust and expectancy; they plan on good things happening.
Perhaps the thing I like most is, they cheer our hearts.