Prosperity: The Journey that Starts Within; Personal beliefs and wellness

Each of us is responsible for our own wellness: We live according to what we believe, which is a matter of heart rather than logical mind. Beliefs come from within. They are reflected in our choices; in the relationships and things we create, including friendships, home environment, work and simpler things like thought and mood.Continue reading “Prosperity: The Journey that Starts Within; Personal beliefs and wellness”


How would you describe “passion”? Often it is used to express romantic feelings and actions. Sometimes, it refers to something that a persson really loves to do; something about which someone is especially enthusiastic.   I have a different understanding of passion: Passion is something that won’t let go of us, that we can’t layContinue reading “PASSION”


In the past few weeks, I have been experiencing some healing and breakthrough that has filled me with true hope. Not the kind I often hear people express, which can amount to veiled expressions of doubt. They’ll say, “I hope so,” but really don’t expect anything good to happen. So, what is this wonderful thingContinue reading “THOUGHTS ABOUT HOPE”


Can you think of something or someone you have encountered that really impacted you because of excellence? One for me was Guide Dog School. There was a high quality there that extended from the physical environment, to staff and students. The expectation that everyone would join in this standard was explicit and clearly demonstrated. TwoContinue reading “THE POWER OF EXCELLENCE”