Protect your dreams; Let hope be their food. Keep them from people Who can’t see their good.   Hold your dreams close; So that they grow strong. Give them expression, Until they’re your song.   Train up your dreams; Make them more clear. Then they’ll become goals; More easy to hear.   Walk out your dreamsContinue reading “DREAMS”


For those of us who live in the US, Thanksgiving is at hand.  Here is my tribute this year:   Thank you for all blessings, Tremendous and small. In good times and seasons; For harvest in Fall.   for joy and laughter; Smiles, hugs and tears; For friends and neighbors Growing closer through the years.Continue reading “THANKSGIVING TRIBUTE 2015”


Today was more like winter than mid fall:  Cold, windy and wet.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it freezes tonight…or snows…or both.   Thankfully, my “yarden” is all put to bed.  The hoses are picked up, drained and hung; more delicate bulbs have been dug and put into a box.   Some thingsContinue reading “PUT TO BED”


As promised, here are instructions for roasting pumpkin seeds…or winter squash seeds; the same things apply. I know of three ways to fix these healthy gems: Simply roasted, shell and all: 1.  Scoop them out of the pumpkin or squash, pulp and all. 2.  Separate the pulp and throw it away. 3.  Rinse the seeds;Continue reading “HOW TO ROAST PUMPKIN SEEDS”