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If you could go anywhere,
Where would you be?
Do whatever you choose,
And live as you please,

Would you move far away
Or stay where you are;
Choose very differently
Follow a new star?

Or would you be happy
With how you have lived?
Would you be satisfied;
Can you forgive?

Are you accepting
The good with the bad?
Are you embracing
the Joyful and sad?

If you could be anyone,
Would that still be you?
One with integrity;
One who is true?

As I live and grow,
I gladly receive
The one I’m becoming;
The way I believe.

To be someone else
Would just be a lie.
A life of discovery
I live till I die.



Old gray house up on the hill,
Standing brave against the wind,
Oh, the stories you know still,
Told of times back then.

When the builders set your frame
And put your windows in;
In your hearth a warming flame;
Life in you could begin.

Then your family moved in you,
First dad and mom, then children,
A simple house, home so true
So welcoming a friend.

Children grow and people change
But you, oh house, remain.
New ones paint and rearrange;
Yet you are still the same.

Local folk and passers by
Admire your beauty worn,
They might often wonder why
You look so very forlorn.

If they knew the things you’d seen
And heard the lovely sound
Of happy family gathering,
In loving clamor ’round,

They might want to come inside
and live in you once more,
To know contentment and such pride,
That lived in you before.

Old gray house up on the hill,
I admire you each day,
And hope that, someday, someone will
Within your shelter stay.

Lessons From Dog

When life seems too heavy,
Go out and play:
Run, jump and roll,
Bark, howl and bay!
Lie on your back
With your tummmy in the air;
chew a good bone,
Let go of that care!

When you get sleepy,
Have a long nap.
Then chase a fun ball
Or snuffle the cat.
Eat all you want
And take a long drink.
Give yourself time
to know what you think.

When you feel great,
Waggle your tail.
With attitude like this,
You know you’ll never fail!
Lick those you love
With greatest of joy.
Take a nice walk,
Play with a toy.

Whatever is passed,
Just let it go,
Like fading of day
Or melting of snow.
Old things don’t matter
When you live for the day.
Keep looking forward;
Life’s better that way.


I am a whisper,
Dancing in trees.
Soft and gentle in your hair;
A subtle, cool touch

Just a playful child,
Stirring up sand;
Chasing dry leaves down the street
With happy laughter.

I am strong and bold,
Heralding storms;
Driving in clouds full of rain;
A mighty presence.

I am a workman,
Powering ships;
Turning the great wind turbines;
Bringing refreshment.

I am everywhere,
Found high and low;
Essential to everything;
The breath of life.

Some of My Favorite Books…At This Point

These are all books that have to do with discovering purpose and finding direction; Enjoy:
“The Dream Giver,” by Bruce wilkinson
An easy read that will have you thinking.

“Dream: Discover God’s Purpose for Your Life,” by Dutch Sheets
Encouraging and inspiring; will challenge you to lay hold of the dreams God has put in you.

“Dancing With Destiny; Awaken Your Heart to Dream, Love and War,” by Jill Austin
Excellent book. A slightly different angle from the two mentioned above.

“Beautiful One: A Walk In Deeper Intimacy with the One Who Created Us,”
by Heidi Baker, Bene Johnson, Winnie Banov, Nina Myers, Sue Ahn, Ann Stock, DeAnne Clark and Sherri Hess
This delightful collection has wisdom, inspiration and plenty to think about.

“Life Keys: Discover Who You Are,” by Jane Kise David Stark and Sandra Krebs Hirsh
If you are looking for direction in terms of career or ministry, this is your book. It is workbook style, so there are lots of activities to complete.

“What If…: You Joined your Dreams with the Most Amazing God,”
Bene Johnson, Sheri Silk, Bill Johnson, Danny Silk, Theresa Dedmon, April LaFrance, Julie Winter, Candace Johnson, Dawna DeSilva and Brittney Serpell,
This collection is filled with stories, experience, wisdom and hope.