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Here is a song for tomorrow
To fill you with great hope;
To chase away all sorrow;
To strengthen and build you up.
And if you need to borrow
Some peace and joy from me,
Liberally choose to share so
We all sing this melody.

Join in this song for tomorrow
With voices high and low;
Lay down all kinds of sorrow
So that courage will show.
And if one wants to borrow
Some love and strength from you,
Let that one choose to share so
They can add to the song too.

On goes the song for tomorrow;
It builds and grows each day;
Challenging every sorrow;
Chasing darkness away.
No one will have to borrow
There’s plenty to be found
Of love, peace and joy to share so
We pass it all around.




Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
The animals were talking,
Except for the mouse.
She was quiet, you see,
Because she knew that
If she didn’t stay hidden,
She’d be food for the cat!

“I would like toys,” said the dog,
And a nice, new bed.”
“Plenty of catnip for me,
Nothing else,” Kitty said,
“I’m not sure how to say this,”
Came the bird’s reply,
“I want presents that bring bliss
Throughout Christmastide.”

“We agree,” cheered the others,
Including the mouse;
Which caused a big commotion
All around the house:
“Get back here!” cried Kitty;
“It’s a well known fact
That mice have always been meant
For a delicious snack!”

But Mouse just started laughing
As she ran away;
“I guess you will go hungry
Till some other day”
She danced and swirled with glee
She squealed in delight.
“That’s enough for now, Kitty,
Until next time, good night!”

So if you ever wonder
What goes on while you sleep;
Whether animals still talk
And company keep,
Relax and remember,
They will never tell
Because they want their secrets
To be hidden so well.



Soft, white fairies dance and spin;
Never hesitating
On their way to the ground
Where a blanket spreads far and wide;
Fresh and cold,
Laid out so evenly
And bright with crystal jewels;
Known for its beauty and delight;
Enveloping happy children as they play in it;
Snowmen and angels left behind as evidence.


For survival this season,
Start with plenty of cheer.
Add a little peace
And things you hold dear.

Identify the reason
You like holidays so.
Baking, gifts and songs;
Love from those you know.

Then mix them all together,
Shaking them very well.
Add some memories
And stories to tell.

Perhaps some frosty weather
Maybe colorful light.
A heart filled with hope
Makes the season bright.

Then take time to celebrate
With loved ones far and near,
A merry Christmas;
A happy new year.


I sing in the local community choir.
Before our concert on Sunday Afternoon, our director read us this:

“To get together is a start;
To keep together is progress;
To work together is success.”
(Henry Ford)

I say, that’s well said.



Here is my idea of winter fashion:
jeans or a long skirt over as many layers of tights and leggings as I can put on;
At least three layers on top, probably with a nice, long, warm sweater as the outer garment;
Boots and a long parka;
Hat and gloves if needed.

Where I live, it can be quite cold; mostly windy, so I like coats that come up to my neck.

This is probably not the most flattering outfit…
But it keeps me warm!

Happy winter, everyone.


I couldn’t help myself; here is another crunched up carol:


Who has the reddest nose here,
Blowing it because of a cold?
Know if we hear you sneezing,
Our breath we will hold.
All of the other symptoms
Make us nervous till we shake;
Get out the pharmaceuticals;
We’ll decide what we should take.

Then when you are well again,
Things won’t seem so bad.
At the end of cold season,
We will be so glad!

Sorry you have this cold bug;
Do be sure to take good care.
When you’re well, you’ll get a big hug;
There’ll be lots of fun to share!