The Heart of the Matter

What sort of people will we be?
What will we choose to believe?
Will we be open and unafraid;
Or angry, frightened,
Stuck in our own ways?

Will we choose generosity
And noble pursuits;
Will we be tight-fisted,
Uncaring brutes?

Will our power and wealth
Be invested for good
Or squandered and hoarded
Until all who would
Prosper alongside us
Are sickened and dead?
I say,
Let’s be people of principle instead.

The heart of the matter is,
We have a choice:
We can silence the cries of need
Or join with our own voice.
What will you hold on to?
What will be your way?
I invite you to choose rightly;
Let’s join together today.


4 thoughts on “The Heart of the Matter

  1. Loving this, totally agree “let’s be people of principle instead. Tight-fistedness, greed & hoarders of money make me mad & sad. This brought the point home very well indeed.

    • I agree. I do scratch my head and wonder how we got to the point that greed and self interest would permiate people’s thinking and goals so thoroughly. They not only will not advance the world; they will cause harm. It will be challenging, but I think those of us who do have conscience and will stand up for solid principles can have a tremendous impact.

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