There is a kind of simplicity that is undesirable: It’s the simple minded demand that all situations, no matter how complex they ar, be addressed with simple explanations and solutions.  “Don’t bother me with the facts,” such a person says.  “I don’t care about the details; they only confuse me.”  The lack of insight andContinue reading “Simplicity”

Some of My Favorite Books…At This Point

These are all books that have to do with discovering purpose and finding direction; Enjoy: “The Dream Giver,” by Bruce wilkinson An easy read that will have you thinking. “Dream: Discover God’s Purpose for Your Life,” by Dutch Sheets Encouraging and inspiring; will challenge you to lay hold of the dreams God has put inContinue reading “Some of My Favorite Books…At This Point”


I invite you to share *Recipes *Stories about pets *Stories about family and friends *Pics *Questions *Advice or things you find that work especially well *Poetry *Books you’ve read that you would like to recommend *Anything else that might encourage people, make them laugh or get them to think. One book I have been readingContinue reading “Welcome”