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Warm, bright sunlight,
Cool, crisp air
Make me feel so fine!
Love so perfect,
Deepest care
Warm this heart of mine.


Smell of wood smoke,
Rustling leaves
Light a spark within.
Joyful serving,
Grace and hope
Make me sing again.


Early morning,
Fresh new day
Fill me with delight.
Praise and worship,
Growing faith
Lift me to such height!




Since I already represented dogs, I must give cats equal time!


Cute little black and white kitten upside down.

Cute little black and white kitten upside down.



Everyone knows
It’s cats who reign.
If you don’t know that,
You’re not using your brain.

Everyone knows
Cats do as they please.
Telling them what to do
Is just a big tease.


Everyone knows
That cats are smart.
That they’re better than you,
Don’t take it to heart.


Everyone knows
Oh, surely they do,
Cats are superior,

And cats know it, too!


Helps all of these.  Do you know it is?

Blood pressure
Blood circulation
weight management
blood sugar
cholesterol levels

Any guesses??

Water and whole foods are important

But the one thing I’m thinking of is



Universities and other institutions have all taken on studies of this important activity.
The results are amazing:
An overwhelming number of findings indicate that 1/2 hour of exercise is as effective as medication.
That means walking 15 minutes one way and 15 minutes back to home or work.
I’m not talking the major workout here.
Some other ideas:
Put on some favorite music and move to it for half an hour
Walk around the mall, gazing at window displays without stopping to look them over thoroughly
Park farther away from work, the grocery store or bank.  Add a stroll around the block
Take the stairs instead of the elevator
Pace while you make phone calls

Add a stretch break or two so that you stay limber.
Would you like to know about one other thing that promotes wellness?
L A U G H !




1 pkg passion, firmly packed
1 large scoop of courage
1 or more ideas, explored and developed a bit
2 or more good friends and family members to come alongside
1 dose of reality check
Several prayers, mostly listening
Courage is something that frightens one. Strength in the face of pain or grief.
bravery – valour – valor – pluck – gallantry – nerve

Any dream worth realizing will require courage.  Recently, a friend said that life is traumatic, even if nothing overly terrible happens.  There is a point to this.  Rejection, disappointment, failure and things that shake us up are part of the deal.
Courage is not “lack of fear,” it only shows up when there is fear or something challenging with which to deal.

“If you have a small dream for life, then you will have a small life, but if you dream a big dream; then you will have a big life.” (Yonggi Cho)
This pastor of perhaps the largest Church in the world goes on to say that suffering is part of walking into big dreams.  Or if you prefer, destiny.  Back to courage!

Destiny is now, not sometime in the future.  We walk it out day by day.  To sit around waiting for destiny to happen or for dreams to come true on their own is to wait for a lifetime with no results.

Take action:
*Put your dreams before you every day.  Write them on a poster and hang it above your bed so that you see it first thing.
*Surround yourself with people who will encourage, inspire, challenge and cheer you on.  Nay sayers are not for you.
*Turn dreams into goals:  What steps come first, then second…?  How will you know that you completed a step?
*Count the cost.  What are the pitfalls?  What barriers do you need to address?
*Check out resources:  What do you need?  Where can you get it?
*Have fun; keep on keeping on.
Here is some advice I was given that I pass on to you:
Follow your dreams and the vision that God has given you. Don’t allow fear to circumvent what you have to give to others. I have learned to “feel good about myself”
No, I’m not dealing with the things that discourage you (natural feelings on your part) but I do believe that you are a living testimony to others.



I vaguely remember
My first day at school.
New clothes and supplies,
Help finding my desk.


I clearly remember
My first recital.
My mom, the piano,
“Bicycle Built for Two.”


And then there’s that memory
That can trouble my soul:
so big, overwhelming.
First day in Junior high,


I’m pleased to remember
My graduation day.
excitement and hope,
Good-byes and moving on.


So many memories
Of firsts and special times,
Some sad, others pleasant;
Always part of my life.


It’s funny how memories
Help to shape who we are.
Old stories and pictures
Of seasons gone by.


Yet new ones are forming
Each day that we live.
Scenes not yet painted;
Still being created.



Sunlight that dances upon a clear stream;
Clouds that float by as though caught in a dream.
Old gentleman with a smile on his face;
New tablecloth with embroidery and lace.


Fall leaves and snowflakes all join in the reel;
Birds in the spring sky who soar, dip and wheel.
Ripe fruit of summertime, juicy and sweet;
On plays the music with such joyful beat.


Singing in harmony, dancing along;
Let all things living come join in the song.
Things soft and quiet or things loud and bright;
Creatures of daytime and those of the night.