Meet Buddy. He is a happy kitten these days. He is one of the blessed ones:  He was found, shortly after being dumped at a State park. When my neighbor first brought him home, he had to have milk because he wasn’t up to regular cat food just yet. Now, he eats well. He isContinue reading “BABY BUDDY”


I have been pondering one of the quotes from Mark Twain: “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.” When I was still working as a therapist, I had more than one client do an exercise with me:Continue reading “INTERESTING FUEL”


Recently, I’ve had to deal with a rather long term struggle:  Knowing who I am and feeling good about myself when others don’t seem to recognize or appreciate me. The lesson that goes with this is, others’ assessment of me doesn’t matter when it comes to my identity. or, as T. Cole-Whittaker  called the bookContinue reading “STAND TALL”


Thunder rumbles; Lightning strikes the ground; Animals run As flames leap all around. Fire crews scramble, Gathering all their gear Wasting no time Emergency is here. Flames lick at trees Dry brush cracks and burns; Wind made by heat Cause flames to dance and churn. Creatures escape On foot and in flight; Hot Shots workContinue reading “FOREST FIRE”


People arrive with delicious treats, Carefully prepared; You’d think this is a famous cook off, But it’s not; It’s a neighborhood potluck. Ah here comes Mrs. Smith with goulash So tantalizing; And here comes Jane with berry cobbler It’s still hot And delicious with ice cream. Moms and dads, children and dogs all come, ReadyContinue reading “A NEIGHBORHOOD POTLUCK”