In my experience, most people know how to “process” a pumpkin by cutting a lid in the top, scooping out the insides, carving it and setting it on their  porches with some sort of light in it….but wait! There is another, better way to process this wonderful cultivar of the squash plant: First, there areContinue reading “HOW TO PROCESS PUMPKIN”


I often create recipes, mostly because I can’t find things made the way I like them. This week, it’s pumpkin cake. My goal was to have something healthy that tastes good. So, here it is: List #1 2 cups pumpkin (I grow and process my own.) 1 cup yogurt  (Plain or honey works well; fruitContinue reading “PUMPKIN CAKE”


I am often intrigued and delighted by the simple things we can do to feel better and live well.  None  of them have anything to do with prescriptions or OTC’s; every last one is immediately available and easy to do.   Walking or some other form of moderate exercise is one example.  Numerous studies show thatContinue reading “SIMPLY BREATHE”

International friendship blogging forum

Good idea, Ngobesing Romanus, This could be a lot of fun and very powerful. SUCCESS INSPIRERS' WORLD Hello! Do you like to belong to an International Friendship Blogging Forum? It is true that we who belong to this blogging community are friends but some of us are closer to each other than others. We meetContinue reading “International friendship blogging forum”


I remembered to send you flowers, With colors bright and bold; A touch of cheer and splendor, To express feelings untold.   Whispers and sweet expressions of life That call us deeper still, Until we know the secrets Hidden in heart, mind and will.   Such precious gifts of inspiration To kindle fresh desire; ToContinue reading “SWEET EXPRESSIONS”