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Christmas Dinner

lights_of_the_season_candle_tree_christmas_2560x1440_hd-wallpaper-1640370This year, family is coming to my home for Christmas.
We will spend Christmas Eve decorating, baking and having a bunch in for dinner that evening.
Then, on Christmas Day, it will just be my sisters, their spouses and me.
Our menu:
Roast duck –  Stuffed with fresh lemon, onion and garlic
Twice baked potatoes – filling:  sour cream and chives
Pear/walnut salad – A mix of greens with fresh pears, dried cranberries, walnuts, feta cheese and a vinaigrette
Peas – Fixed very simply
Rolls, olives…
For dessert, an old family recipe called snow pudding:
A light dessert made with gelatin, either lemon or lime, egg whites and sugar, topped with custard sauce and raspberries.

Our wine: Pinot Noir.  That is one of the reasons for having peas:  Somehow, these little green veggies increase the affinity between the duck and wine.

We get a white Christmas this year; in fact, we have to keep an eye on the weather and roads.  It is not at all uncommon for the freeway to be closed.

I have an idea for a sign I might post somewhere:
Presents are lovely, but your presence is treasured”


A Holiday Greeting 2016

winter-christmas-eve-snowman-painting-lantern-nature-beautiful-snow-noel-river-lights-house-night-art-wallpaper-windows-7Another year is coming to an end;
Many words have been shared;
But this one thought I leave with you my friends:
All joy, peace, hope, love and care
Be yours,
Now and always.

Season’s greetings


Snapshots resting on an open book;
High tech boots that hug your toes;
The blithe sound of chip readers charging your card;
The plastic Santa softly glows.

Everybody knows that cookies and a full punchbowl
Help to make the season bright.
Comp’ny execs with their eyes all aglow
Are counting profits with delight:

They know that Santa really pays;
They will succeed because of Christmas shopping days;
And that next time they need a big supply
Of goodies for their shoppers to buy.

So here’s my blessing to everyone
From 1 to 102;
Forget all the frenzy of these holidays;
Seasons greetings to you!


The matters of Russia interfering with the US Presidential election, Trump’s lack of cooperation with the intelligence community and Congress, his appointment of someone who is friends with Russia and his insistence that he doesn’t need security briefings have me gravely concerned.


I wrote more on Patriot’s Voice.  Go to:


I do encourage you to speak up:  Contact your senator in support of an investigation.

Personally, I would like to see Trump’s inauguration postponed until this is cleared up.  What would you like?


Blessings of Every Size


A frosty veil falling;
Crystalline blanket white;
Appearing in secret,
While all sleep through the night;
Then, upon rising,
We see in the morning light
The marvelous work of nature,
So dazzling and bright.

How many things happen
Before we ever know?
They’re neither seen nor touched;
Some never seem to show;
Then, upon learning,
We see in Discovery’s glow
Yet another mystery revealed
That inspires us so.

Quandary and unknowing
Are presents in disguise,
Designed to urge us on;
Meant to make us more wise.
Then, upon growing,
We see with discerning eyes
Beautiful and confounding things;
Blessings of every size.


Dry Christmas

Tis the season…

For “Crunched up Christmas carols.”

This one has all the cheese you’ll ever want, so get out the crackers…and if you dare, the wine:


I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas,
Just like the ones we used to know:
When the eggnog’s virgin
And no one’s purgin’
Our minds work clearly, not so slow.
I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas
With every recipe I try;
May your days be happy and spry
And may all your Christmasses be dry!