Archive | June 2015


Here’s a fun birdy…My cockatiel, Oliver, thought so:




Robins chirping, the cooing of doves and chickadee song;
Air filled with the pungeant fragrance of pine;
Warm sun mixed with the cooleness of the morning breeze;
What a beautiful morning!


Roses, lilies and delphinium share their loveliness;
Fruits and vegetables offer their goodness;
Their perfumes and colors add to the day’s music;
What a beautiful morning!


I have been listening; not with my ears, but with my heart.

This required me to leave all the distractions of life until I could find Solitude.

She wrapped me in her arms and drew me away to a quiet place.


What did I hear?

The gentle voice of God, telling me more about who He is and, therefore, who I am.

Some of my heart’s desires and questions.

I also experienced more healing in my soul: Things that have caused pain for years are gone.


It seems that I am called to meet with God in the home of Solitude rather often.

I think I understand the reason:

It is when we are still that we hear all of the subtle power that is covered by noise.


This is true in nature.

If you want to hear the wind or water flowing; if you want to know the joy of creation’s song, you have to listen.