On Our Own

I was reading the headlines on http://news.google.com   There was one about the CDC having their conference on the impacts of climate change without federal participation.  From the way it was stated, I got the impression that this is new. This got me thinking, what will we need to do for ourselves?  From what willContinue reading “On Our Own”

Don’t Give Your Power Away

I have been reading headlines about the increase of calls to crisis centers and all of the fear people have because Donald Trump got elected.  I myself was stunned and distressed when I woke up to that news last Wednesday.  I still find it quite dismaying.   The thought that helped me was, “You know,Continue reading “Don’t Give Your Power Away”


Have you considered your pets and livestock in your emergency preparations??? They really need you to:  They most likely will not be able to care for themselves. Again, what you do will depend on where you live and the type of emergency for which you prepare.  If you will likely be staying put, do youContinue reading “HOW ABOUT ROVER AND FLUFFY?”


Here are two questions that may not help you a lot today, or even tomorrow; yet if you answer them, you might just save your life and the lives of those around you.   WARNING:  This is not a popular topic; in fact, most of us would like to avoid it, but here goes:  Continue reading “BE PREPARED”


I used to have a friend who was a “one-liner” kind of guy. One of his sayins was, “Join where you’re successful.” I have a new twist on that: BUILD where you’re successful! You can apply this to activities, affiliations, relationships, personal habits or just about anything else that comes to mind. A useful toolContinue reading “WHERE TO BUILD”


In the part of the world where I live, winter has more than arrived:  It’s cold and windy.  Part of the time, we have snow and ice; other times, it’s barely above freezing and rainy.  Bottom line:  Tis the season for nice, hot baths.  I can’t think of a better way to get warm.  Continue reading “A HOT BATH”