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Where I’m From

ws_Country_Life_1920x1200I am from fish hooks and baby dolls;
From Wrigley’s, Nabisco and Monkey Ward;
I am from the house on the corner,
Warm, Busy;
It smells like hardwood and paint.
I am from Wind blowing through evergreens,

Singing in low tones,
Spreading such pungent perfume.
I am from picnics and hard work,
From H.R. and the Domschots.
From creativity and invention;
From Tend to your own knitting and You got a good do on that!
From Jesus Loves me, this I know, the Lord’s Prayer and the creeds.
From the Valley of Peace;
Dutch and German forefathers, immigrating to the Land of Promise.
I am from elk steak and homemade sauerkraut
From rolling a snowball too big for me back to camp;
My mother stirring a pot of raspberry jam.
Photos and treasures of people and events
Are shared among many households,
Tokens of yesteryear and hope for the future.
Based on an Original Poem:
Where I’m From
By George Ella Lyon