Archive | January 2015



January thaw is deceptive.
The sun shines brightly;
Yet there’s a chill
That serves to remind me
It’s winter still.

January thaw wants to trick us
So we’ll come outside
To work and play;
Forgetting wintertide
Still has its way.

January thaw is here briefly;
Frost strengthens its hold,
Till everything
Is enveloped in cold,
Longing for spring.

January thaw renews our hope;
True warm weather comes,
Cold melts away;
People, creatures, blossoms
Greet the new day.




Beauty looks like many colors;
Green of summer, white of snow;
Purple, yellow, red of flowers;
Lofty heights their splendors show.

Beauty sings in many voices;
Treble songs and basses low;
Glorious anthems forever raising;
Some familiar some unknown.

Beauty touches all our senses;
Fingers soft that bring delight;
Even things that seem mysterious
Fill us with sensations bright.

Beauty hides for many reasons;
Calling us to come explore;
Hoping that we’ll seek and chase her,
Knowing we will want her more.



Jumping into snowdrifts;
Angels appear on lawns.
Night time still lasts forever,
Unrelenting cold hangs on.
All is tucked in and quiet,
Resting until spring
Yawns and stretches with warm welcoming.