First Families; Transitions

I have been thinking of a number of stories that are beautiful.  You have probably read or heard many of them, but they are worth repeating: *When George W. and family were moving out of the White House and the Obamas were moving in, the Bush Sisters wrote letters to the Obama girls, encouraging themContinue reading “First Families; Transitions”

Counting Kindnesses

One day, I had gone to one of my favorite delis for lunch.  I placed my order; then stood back out of the way to wait for it.  When the server came back, she informed me that someone had paid for my lunch.  That person remained anonymous.  I felt quite special and pleased by thisContinue reading “Counting Kindnesses”


Eastern Oregon and the surrounding areas were havens for Native Americans. Many of these tribes, including the Nez Perce, Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla, and Shoshone, would spend their summers in the bountiful Grande Ronde Valley, where they would forage, hunt, fish, and bathe in hot springs. Tribes that may have been hostile toward each otherContinue reading “A LONG, RICH HISTORY”


I invite you to share *Recipes *Stories about pets *Stories about family and friends *Pics *Questions *Advice or things you find that work especially well *Poetry *Books you’ve read that you would like to recommend *Anything else that might encourage people, make them laugh or get them to think. One book I have been readingContinue reading “Welcome”