The fields spread out in every direction.  Grass waves and rustles, whispering a mysterious song  as the wind blows through it. Autumn smells fill the air:  Hints of pine, tamarac, sage;  spice mixed with sweetness. Warm sunshine touches face and arms, only to be chased away by crisp breath. The sky is made of blueContinue reading “AN AUTUMN WALK”


I stand on the porch. Raindrops fall with quiet gentleness, Stroking my face; Running their fingers through my hair; Dancing on my shoulders. Their fragrance is sweet. Their pungent mix intoxicates me; Comforts my soul, Delivers my mind from noisy thoughts Until I’m still within. Coolness holds me close, Enfolding me in soft, breezy arms;Continue reading “RAINY EVENING”


Years ago, when I was taking a course in spiritual growth and development, we learned about a practice called “Focused caring.”  It works like this: What major issue(s) really tug at your heart?  Is it world hunger?  The environment?  Workers’ rights?  The list is long. Once you have identified the concern that will get yourContinue reading “SIMPLE THINGS”


I was looking through some articles I had found in preparation for a workshop on wellness.  One of them was a cross-cultural study that measured the effects of laughter on well-being.  It reminded me of an old bit of wisdom:  “A merry heart does good like a medicine.” (Proverbs 17:22) There  are bunches of articlesContinue reading “LAUGH YOURSELF WELL”


Summer is winding down: Evening comes sooner; Preparations for winter happen in earnest; Teachers and students are back at the ol’ grind! Everybody knows that Months will be colder for a while; Blizzards and rainstorms will brew, Enveloping the world in white blankets, Running over into streets. Soon enough, however, Everything will start to awaken,Continue reading “SEPTEMBER”