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The fields spread out in every direction.  Grass waves and rustles, whispering a mysterious song  as the wind blows through it.
Autumn smells fill the air:  Hints of pine, tamarac, sage;  spice mixed with sweetness.
Warm sunshine touches face and arms, only to be chased away by crisp breath.
The sky is made of blue so crystalin and deep that it seems to go forever.
Brilliant white castles float across it on invisible waves.
Trees are changing clothes, from shades of green to every bright color;
Red, orange, yellow and gold stand out with boldness and joy.
Dramatic contrasts are everywhere:
Shadows deepen; warmth competes with chill.
Salads are less appealing; soup and chili taste good.



If you could go anywhere,
Where would you be?
High in the mountains;
On a ship out at sea?

If you could be anyone,
Would that be you?
As you know yourself;
Or created anew?

If you made any changes,
Would you improve,
Or just redesign
The one known as you?

As for me, I’m satisfied
Just to be me;
Whole and yet changing;
Part of humanity.

Content to be where I am
Happy to know
That I’m safe and loved;
I continue to grow.

I constantly discover
That peace is found
In loving myself
As acceptance abounds.


I stand on the porch.
Raindrops fall with quiet gentleness,
Stroking my face;
Running their fingers through my hair;
Dancing on my shoulders.

Their fragrance is sweet.
Their pungent mix intoxicates me;
Comforts my soul,
Delivers my mind from noisy thoughts
Until I’m still within.

Coolness holds me close,
Enfolding me in soft, breezy arms;
Whispering my name;
Telling me stories from long ago;
Then, I’m ready for sleep.


Music is the language of the heart
That speaks in tones
That words alone
Could never begin to express.

Such passion and emotion are shared
Laughter and tears;
Great joys and fears
Come from the depths of human souls.

Music is Heaven’s language as well
As angels sing
To God our King
All worship and adoration.

So many expressions has music
In word and beat,
In melody,
Heaven and earth come sing along!


When we fall and skin a knee, it takes a day or two; then there’s a scab.  Before we know it, the wound is gone.

Some wounds take longer.  A broken leg needs more time than a cut finger; neurological injuries take at least two years.

so it is with the human soul.  There are the bumps in life that “skin a knee.”  They will heal in a short period of time.  Then there are the severe injuries that may heal in a lot of years.

The process for the promotion of healing looks a little different; yet it is pretty much the same:
Cleanse the wound – With soap and water for physical ones; with forgiveness for soulful ones.
Put salve on it – With ointment for physical ones; with love and comfort for soulful ones.
Cover it – With a dressing for physical ones; with thoughts and actions that create positivity for soulful ones.
Give it time – That works for both kinds.

Some physical wounds need to be immobilized in order to heal properly:  a broken bone or sprain.  Then, they’ll need physical therapy.
Again, this works with our souls.  There are places and activities we might need to avoid for some time because they re-injure us or put too much stress on an existing wound.
Then, it’s time for therapy, which can occur in a number of ways.  The point would be to get those soulful muscles, tendens, joints and the like to work well again.  that might include professional counseling, art, music, journalizing or plenty of walks in the forest.
The hope in all of this:  We are built to heal; it is happening.


Years ago, when I was taking a course in spiritual growth and development, we learned about a practice called “Focused caring.”  It works like this:
What major issue(s) really tug at your heart?  Is it world hunger?  The environment?  Workers’ rights?  The list is long.

Once you have identified the concern that will get your attention, find one tangible thing you can do to express it.
For example, if your heart goes out to single mothers who are trying to raise their children, while working and doing everything else, you might donate snacks to your local after school program or volunteer two hours per week to help supervise.

Perhaps it’s women who are homeless or getting out of abusive relationships.  Women’s shelters will be more than happy to receive donations from you.  To make it a bit more personal, go shopping for the shelter, instead of simply writing a check.

I think the importance of focused caring has increased exponentially.  There are many needs and they are great.  Moreover, we are much more inclined to feel overwhelmed and powerless because tragic, difficult circumstances around the world are thrust into our faces every day.  Having one or two things we can do will empower us.

There is one huge benefit of choosing a simple thing to do:  If everyone did this, there would be major results!  Imagine, for example, if one person in each neighborhood in America made it a point to say, “hello” to someone he or she sees each morning.  Before long, the one who has been greeted would be more confident and willing to talk to another.  The problem of isolation would be significantly impacted.


If each person in America recycled one bottle that he or she would have thrown away, how much would not end up in a landfill?

If 50% of the people in a town saved pennies to help buy groceries for ones who can’t afford them, how many vulnerable, possibly isolated seniors, children and adults in dire need would have enough to eat?

There is another incredibly positive effect of focused caring.  It is the peace in the soul of the one who is doing it.  When we help others, we are much healthier, body, mind, emotions and spirit.  There are innumerable studies that have found that people who volunteer and share live longer with fewer and less severe illnesses.

What need or issue has your attention?  Decide on one simple thing you can do; start today.

Next, watch for changes as more people join and we improve our nation, one good deed at a time.