I’m not exactly the President of the United States, but I can still proclaim!



————-While it is good and joyful to give thanks to God every day and for all of the blessings He pours into our lives, it seems especially desirable to set one day aside each year so that we may join with friends and family to express gratitude.

When the Pilgrims and Native Americans celebrated in 1621, they had come through very hard times.  half of the original group perished, many before ever setting foot on American soil.  While we don’t know that they called this particular gathering “Thanksgiving,” the principle is still there.

Regardless of how difficult this year has been, choose gratitude.  Give thanks to God for all of His protection, provision, comfort, courage, strength, mercy, grace and goodness.  Know that He loves you intimately; He is Personally interested in every aspect of your life.

Go one step farther:  Reach out to neighbors, friends and family.  Let no one spend the day alone.  Lay down differences, fear and all other barriers to relationship, even if it is to greet someone you normally do not acknowledge.

In our times, shopping is already on people’s minds.  My challenge is this:  Set all distractions aside for this one day.  Enjoy all of the good things that you already have, especially those who love you.  Don’t worry:  The stores and all the hot deals will be there on Black Friday; you won’t miss a thing.

Most of all, have the best Thanksgiving Day ever!


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