Dark days make the perfect backdrop for colored lights and bling; Electric Santas, candy canes and  reindeer Come out of hiding – from the North Pole, right? Everybody forgets about the cold, snowy hassle of bundling up and shoveling; Members of choirs everywhere practice hymns and winter songs Before the big day gets here. EmbracingContinue reading “DECEMBER”


If you live in a more northern location, you are noticing that the days are getting short.  Where I live, they’re down to about 9 hours and shrinking. Not only that, they are cold, sometimes damp and uncomfortable. The bummer is, these conditions foster depression, illness and increases in pain. So, here are some reallyContinue reading “WHEN THE DAYS GET SHORT”


The sun is far enough south now; it shines through my livingroom and dining room windows. It’s warmth enfolds me:  Body, soul and spirit in a delicious embrace. I especially love sunshine through a window in the middle of winter:  The icy, cold world is held at bay, while I snuggle in warmth and light. Continue reading “SUNSHINE THROUGH THE WINDOW”


Freshly scrubbed and lined shelves Are bursting With jars full of sunshine. Peaches and apricots Are glowing With delightful goodness. Pickles and relishes Are waiting To spice up winter meals. Large baskets and boxes Are holding Potatoes and squash. Jams, Jellies and sweet things Are spreading Their tempting aromas. Flour, rice, bread and pasta AreContinue reading “THE PANTRY”


In Fall it’s time to put to bed All tender flowers And gently spread A blanket of mulch To keep them warm; While the icy winds blow The world hardens, the ice and snow Turns everything white, Quiet and cold; And people bask in firelight. Beneath the winter snow there lies A world of creatures,Continue reading “SAFE RETREAT”