Hippocrates was born c. 460 bc , island of Cos, Greece.  He died c. 375 , Larissa, Thessaly.  He was the most famous ancient Greek physician who lived during Greece’s Classical period and is traditionally regarded as the father of medicin. Here are some quotes from him.  Given our current knowledge, how would you sayContinue reading “WHAT DID HIPPOCRATES KNOW!”


Two ways to live; Two ways to go; Which will you choose? How will you know Which one brings life; The one that’s right? One is darkness; The other light.   Clear is the way Of love and peace; Honor, respect, Freedom’s release. Will you choose this In all you do? Will you speak life;Continue reading “TWO WAYS”


I am often intrigued and delighted by the simple things we can do to feel better and live well.  None  of them have anything to do with prescriptions or OTC’s; every last one is immediately available and easy to do.   Walking or some other form of moderate exercise is one example.  Numerous studies show thatContinue reading “SIMPLY BREATHE”


Have you laughed at least once today?  Have you found one tiny reason to smile? It’s amazing how even the slightest chuckle will lift our heavy spirit and help us to find new perspective.  Laughter relieves pain, lowers blood pressure, knocks the depression monster down to size…and just makes us feel good all ’round! IContinue reading “LAUGH EACH DAY”


I was looking through some articles I had found in preparation for a workshop on wellness.  One of them was a cross-cultural study that measured the effects of laughter on well-being.  It reminded me of an old bit of wisdom:  “A merry heart does good like a medicine.” (Proverbs 17:22) There  are bunches of articlesContinue reading “LAUGH YOURSELF WELL”


Helps all of these.  Do you know it is? Blood pressure pain Blood circulation mood sleep weight management blood sugar cholesterol levels ************** ***************** Any guesses?? ****************** ************************ Water and whole foods are important *********************** ************** But the one thing I’m thinking of is *************** ************* EXERCISE! Universities and other institutions have all taken onContinue reading “ONE THING”