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Come Join the Dance

BBC-Radio-Orchestra-April-1971-The band struck up a joyful tune
With beat lively and fast;
“Come join in, the host proclaim,”
“We’ll party and have a blast!”

But some of the guests ignored his words;
Others just stood around.
A few joined in the circle;
Many were by fear so bound.


The band played a more gentle tune,
A melody subdued,
Which made some guests begin to sway
With a quiet attitude.


The ones who liked the faster beat
Sighed and wandered away,
While some talked over the music,
Touting what they had to say.


At last the band began to play
A song with depth of heart.
No one could resist its sound,
So they stopped drifting apart.


As the people heard the music
Speak to their very souls,
They joined together in one dance
That began to make them whole.


So may the band play on and on
Until there’s joy and peace;
Until all people everywhere
Live in hope that will increase.




Seed sown in anger,
Frustration and fear
Yields fruit that makes us ill;
But seed sown in hope
With vision That’s clear
Prospers and brings good will.



Hatred spawns hatred;
Prejudice brings death
Breaking nations apart.
But love and kindness
Is Life’s very breath,
Uniting us in heart.



Choose seeds that produce
A bountiful land;
With plenty for us all.
Let no one allow
Division to stand;
Let honor be our call.



Let all that we say
And all that we do
Build a nation that’s strong.
Where every person
Can know that it’s true:
Liberty is our song!