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It’s 2016:  A presidential election year in the US…and it is already heating up!  Actually, candidattes got a jump on things in 2015, so we get an extra long dose of political rhetoric.


I say, get your survival kit ready; you’re going to need it.


First, the zapper for your TV.  Flipping channels or muting ads is a must!


For detoxing, some really funny political cartoons of your own choosing or making.  Laugh often:  It really helps!


Then, plenty of time away from all things election – TV, publications, the Internet, discussions..  Get some rest and perspective.  You might need some earplugs, especially if you live with or near someone who is really into television or politics.


Good books?  Games or puzzles?


Then, there are those people who will completely annoy you because their views are so WEIRD!  You might need some ready-made excuses to get away from them.


All of us could use some help here:  Do you have some additions to the Election Year Survival Kit?