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Cold that chills to the bone;
Yet lovely,
All crystaline and white.
Dazzling in sunshine;
Soft as velvet at dusk.


Home is so inviting,
Offering soup;
Warmth that holds and fills us
While snow blows into drifts;
Statues made by the wind.


Landscape dressed in splendor;
Pure delight,
Bundled up for a walk;
Drawing in frosty breath;
Till we go back inside.




Even after the snow on the ground has melted, there are brave testimonies of its recent presence; proud sculptures that reflect the creativity of children:  Snowmen…or is the PC term “snowpeople”?  They stand in yards all around town, wearing hats and scarves, some made of leaves.  (Hmmm, I wonder if that’s to keep the cold in as far as they’re concerned.)

Snowpeople are perhaps one of the oldest and most universal expressions of art and play.  They come in all shapes and sizes; some are very elaborate, while others are simple, just like the variations among humans.

They are hearty folk, often the last vestiges of winter to disappear.

When I was in the sixth grade, a neighbor, my sister and I built a snowperson we named Mrs. Watson, after the street on which we lived.  She was so tall, we had to get a ladder to put her head on. She probably grew to about eight feet in height by the time we were done.  I wouldn’t call her lovely; she was a bit lumpy and not all that well proportioned.  Okay, what can you expect from three children on a cold winter day?

Mrs. Watson stood proudly in the corner of a neighbor’s field for the entire winter; in fact, it was mid May by the time she finally finished melting away.  By then, she was only a shadow of her magnificent self.

Children aren’t the only ones who have fun with snow people.

A few years ago, my cousin told me about a niece who worked at a restaurant in a well known resort.  There had been an unusually early snowstorm, so business at the restaurant was nonexistent.

My cousin’s niece (I’ll call her Lucy) clearly had too much time on her hands:  She made three snow people and put them in one of the cars for the nearby tram.  Then she called the operators’ station and said,
“The people in Car #8 will need a little help getting out.”
“Are they injured?”
“No, just a little cold!”



When it gets cold,
We need ways to get warm;
That make us feel cozy
And safe from a storm,

With sweaters and blankets,
Hot coffee and such;
Conversation and stories;
A friendly touch.

When the wind howls
Piling snow into drifts,
We’ll seek refuge inside,
With mugs that we lift,


Buttered rums and coffee
Fill us up with their cheer;
Happiness inside while
Winter is here.



Soft, white fairies dance and spin;
Never hesitating
On their way to the ground
Where a blanket spreads far and wide;
Fresh and cold,
Laid out so evenly
And bright with crystal jewels;
Known for its beauty and delight;
Enveloping happy children as they play in it;
Snowmen and angels left behind as evidence.


In Fall it’s time to put to bed
All tender flowers
And gently spread
A blanket of mulch
To keep them warm;
While the icy winds blow
The world hardens, the ice and snow
Turns everything white,
Quiet and cold;
And people bask in firelight.

Beneath the winter snow there lies
A world of creatures,
Not dead, but alive.
They sleep and rest
Until the warmth of Spring
Awakens them and again they bring
Blossoms, and fragrance,
Buzzing of wings
To join in the music of life.

Oh birds and ants, all creatures know
It is time to fly
Or dig below
To prepare a place
For safe retreat
While strong icy fingers
Reach into cracks and cold lingers;
Then spring’s warm return
Joyfully brings her
Presence to cheer each heart so.