Always Something New

As long as there is life, There will always be something new: Blossoms in Spring; Fruit in July; Thoughts and ideas; A newborn baby’s cry. As long as we search, We’ll always find something true: Words from a friend; Hope when we pray; Peace at evening’s end; The dawn of a new day.


Darkness yields to dawning light; Ones asleep for a long, cold season Begin to awaken and stir.     Thoughts and dreams once lost in time Slowly rise up from deepest places, Where they wait and hope for rebirth.     Feelings bring fresh sensation, Sweet misery made from pain and joy Sing new songsContinue reading “RENAISSANCE”


Cobwebs in corners; Stalks from last year’s plants; Boxes and Christmas wrap; Ski gear, parkas and snow pants; Where did all this come from? How could this mess be! It wasn’t here yesterday, Was it? Things pile up So insidiously.   Somewhere in corners, Out of conscious sight; Hazy memories linger; Collected through years ofContinue reading “SPRING CLEANING”


A spring garden is full of surprises:  It seems like nothing is alive there; then blossoms open overnight.  The frozen, sleeping ground softens and wakes up; mud gives way to young, green shoots. Birds return with happy songs, building their nests and laying eggs.  Soon they’ll be looking for yummy treats to feed their babies;Continue reading “SPRING GARDEN”


For those of us who live in the US, Thanksgiving is at hand.  Here is my tribute this year:   Thank you for all blessings, Tremendous and small. In good times and seasons; For harvest in Fall.   for joy and laughter; Smiles, hugs and tears; For friends and neighbors Growing closer through the years.Continue reading “THANKSGIVING TRIBUTE 2015”