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Always Something New

Cute_deer_fawnAs long as there is life,
There will always be something new:
Blossoms in Spring;
Fruit in July;
Thoughts and ideas;
A newborn baby’s cry.
As long as we search,
We’ll always find something true:
Words from a friend;
Hope when we pray;
Peace at evening’s end;
The dawn of a new day.



Hungry for something;
I don’t know what,
But I really want some.
Searching for ideas;
I can’t find them,
But surely they will come.


Hope for the future;
I can’t see yet,
But tomorrow is here.
Wanting some direction;
It evades me,
But soon it will be clear.


Longing for purpose;
I don’t quite grasp.
Yet I find it each day.
Feeling my own heartbeat;
Steady and true,
With every breath I take.