Summer is winding down: Evening comes sooner; Preparations for winter happen in earnest; Teachers and students are back at the ol’ grind! Everybody knows that Months will be colder for a while; Blizzards and rainstorms will brew, Enveloping the world in white blankets, Running over into streets. Soon enough, however, Everything will start to awaken,Continue reading “SEPTEMBER”


Majestic white castles float in deep, crystal blue. Sunbeams cut through frosty air to kiss our faces. The first woodsmoke of the season fills our nostrils With pungent fragrance that warms and delights us. Corduroy feels good. Happy feet shuffle through dry leaves on the sidewalk. Freshly picked apples crack at the first, delicious bite.Continue reading “AUTUMN”


Do you remember August, When summer was still alive; Yet boredom and anticipation Were beginning to move in? New shoes, clothes and school supplies; Friends meeting on the playground Getting lockers and class schedules; Checking out the newcomers. “Not so fast,” you were thinking, Warm days and evenings still reign; The county fair is justContinue reading “BACK TO SCHOOL”