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On Our Own

I was reading the headlines on



There was one about the CDC having their conference on the impacts of climate change without federal participation.  From the way it was stated, I got the impression that this is new.

This got me thinking, what will we need to do for ourselves?  From what will the Federal Government withdraw its assistance?  Will we have to learn to do without some things?

Another question:
What do Federal agencies do now?
There are some major provisions, such as financial support for our more vulnerable citizens, including elders, people with disabilities and children; protection by the military; parks and land management…

Then there are some about I really haven’t thought…or did know.  These are ones Mr. Trump wants to get rid of:
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Humanities
Minority Business Development Agency
Economic Development Administration
International Trade Administration
Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services
Office of Violence Against Women
Legal Services Corporation
Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department
Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Justice Department
Overseas Private Investment Corporation
Office of Electricity Deliverability and Energy ReliabilityOffice of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Office of Fossil Energy

Add to this federal funding for everything from emergency response to education, health, community development, agriculture and on the list goes.


I am thinking that I will need to review my own lifestyle and look for ways to be less dependent.  I can do that now, or wait until I’m forced to because an agency or program gets taken away.


I invite your help:
What things do we need to take back so that we are less dependent on government services?
What skills do we need to develop?
Are some things better done in local communities?

I look forward to hearing from you.



I used to have a friend who was a “one-liner” kind of guy.

One of his sayins was, “Join where you’re successful.”

I have a new twist on that:
BUILD where you’re successful!
You can apply this to activities, affiliations, relationships, personal habits or just about anything else that comes to mind.

A useful tool for this sorting job will be three basic questions –
1.  What isn’t working?  Lay those things aside.  True, some may be difficult, painful or troubling; most likely relationships.  Think about how best to do this.  In the long run, everyone will benefit.
2.  What is working, at least somewhat, and could work better with some tweeking?  Put these in the “consideration” pile.
3.  What works at least reasonably well?  Focus on these.


I learned an important principle that fits here very nicely.  There are things we can build on, such as strengths, dreams, ideas and qualities.  Then, there are things we really can’t build on – weaknesses, anything we don’t want, things that are unhealthy or not right.

Add this idea to your sorting job and you have another question to answer:
Of the things on my “working” list or “consideration” list, which do I value the most?

This becomes your top priority.  You can rank everything else behind that.  Caution:  You might have some things that are equally as important to you.  That’s all right; simply write them down together.


Now that you have sorted things a bit, it’s time to build.  That means time, energy, thought, commitment and possibly material resources will go into this most important priority.  This also means that low or no priority items will naturally be laid aside.  It is much easier to say, “No” to things that you are not invested in when you are focused on the things that matter.

Happy building.