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Rainbows are signs of hope,
Reminders of promise
That help us to press on
And watch for better times ahead.

They can’t come without rain,,
Sent to wash and nourish,
Often so dark and cold,
Settling like a wet blanket.

All creation huddles,
Tucked in against the rain
That falls like endless tears
As Mother Earth cries, just because.

Even she will keep watch,
Searching for the rainbows
That comes so faithfully,
Reminding us that hope is good.



Delicate jewels that fall to earth,
Cleansing, healing;
Bringing new birth.
Liquid refreshment
That makes everyone smile;
Running for shelter
To rest for a while.


Living renewal that makes us clean;
Lifting, cheering;
Comfort unseen.
Soothing revival
That encourages all;
Strength for weary souls
so that we stand tall.


Heavenly food given to feed;
Sharing, blessing;
Meeting every need.
Source of life poured out
For all prosperity;
Oh come, precious rain,
Spill all over me!



Crisp air mixed with sunshine in the morning.
The first bird songs of Spring.
Crocus in full bloom, surrounded by snow.
Beautiful music that stirs your soul.
A baby’s exuberant laugh.
The sound of a brook or rushing river.
A hot meal at the end of a busy day.
A tall glass of water.
Really good chocolate or wine.
A hot bath that soothes aches and pains.
The cozy feel of lying in bed, just before coming fully awake.
The sound of wind and rain outside, while you snuggle in the blankets.
These are some of the pleasures that bring refreshment; do feel free to share others.