Darkness yields to dawning light; Ones asleep for a long, cold season Begin to awaken and stir.     Thoughts and dreams once lost in time Slowly rise up from deepest places, Where they wait and hope for rebirth.     Feelings bring fresh sensation, Sweet misery made from pain and joy Sing new songsContinue reading “RENAISSANCE”


Have you laughed at least once today?  Have you found one tiny reason to smile? It’s amazing how even the slightest chuckle will lift our heavy spirit and help us to find new perspective.  Laughter relieves pain, lowers blood pressure, knocks the depression monster down to size…and just makes us feel good all ’round! IContinue reading “LAUGH EACH DAY”

OVERCOMING 1: Considerations and Components

Someone recently asked me, “What is needed to overcome a problem?”   I decided that this would be worth at least one post, so here goes:   My first thought is that there are some necessary components to overcoming, whether that is disability, illness, survivor issues or other life circumstances.  Just by definition, overcoming involvesContinue reading “OVERCOMING 1: Considerations and Components”