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Spring Fever

spring_fever___feel_the_nature_by_manu34-d65zebwIt got up to 52 degrees F today.  I seriously considered going out to do some yard work.  If this were mid October or so and it reached the same mark on the thermometer, I would say it’s too cold to work outside.  The difference?  Spring fever.  True, 52 is warm, compared to say 21.  It’s also quite chilly after being bathed in 90+ degree heat.  But there’s more to spring fever than the change in weather.

There’s this urge to dig into the warming soil and inhale that wonderful smell.  Then, there are the fragrances of spring:  Blossoms of all sorts, freshly mowed lawns and rain washed air.  All of this is intensified by the desire to plant seeds and starts; then nurture them until they produce delicious yummies…or beautiful flowers.

The only cure for spring fever is to get outside.  Warm sun, fresh air, some hard work and accomplishment will surely bring improvement to the most avid gardener.

Happy planting, all.




Crisp air mixed with sunshine in the morning.
The first bird songs of Spring.
Crocus in full bloom, surrounded by snow.
Beautiful music that stirs your soul.
A baby’s exuberant laugh.
The sound of a brook or rushing river.
A hot meal at the end of a busy day.
A tall glass of water.
Really good chocolate or wine.
A hot bath that soothes aches and pains.
The cozy feel of lying in bed, just before coming fully awake.
The sound of wind and rain outside, while you snuggle in the blankets.
These are some of the pleasures that bring refreshment; do feel free to share others.



I’m a chocolate lover; dark, please.  Here is my musing about it:


Holds me close,
Overcoming tensions;
Comforting distress;
Offering solace
Like a blanket that is wrapped
Around the shoulders of my soul;
Tasty, sweet


Apricots, pineapple, pectin, sugar…
A summer afternoon, not too hot, with a nice breeze;
Favorite music or sounds drifting in through open windows;
Fourteen little jars full of sunshine now sit on the stove.
Soon they will sit on the shelf with others,
Made from cherries, raspberries and pure enjoyment,
Ready to greet and cheer on a cold winter morning;
Comforting pleasure mixes with butter on crisp toast.


I stand on the porch while my dog checks out the yard.  It’s chilly; there is a bit of rain, more dripping than falling.

The smell of wood smoke fills the air; it’s the first since cold weather ended last spring.  It smells delicious.

The warmth of my home feels especially good when Galahad and I go back inside.  There’s something about the change in temperature that makes things more enjoyable.

Now, I’m sitting on the couch.  Music plays softly as I write.

My cat, Priscilla, is into the comfort of this evening, too:  She is dozing on the cushion beside me.

I guess I would have to say that coziness is made from a mix of chilly and warm, pleasure, stillness and peace.


A slice,
Then, “Crack”
The green shell gives way
To juicy, red, sweet goodness.

One bite,
Then, “Mmmm”
Cool melon bursts;
Almost liquid sugar fills my mouth.

A sigh,
Then, “Ah!”
Fills me so that I smile.