Stale thoughts and old dreams are melting; snow that slowly shrinks in the presence of sunlight. New promise springs forth, blossoming into hope and fresh dreams, never thought of before now. Memories of loss and mistakes made become soil for new learning and ideas. The anticipation of the coming season, when flowers bloom and fruitContinue reading “A NEW SEASON”


According to the weather forecast, it was supposed to snow until about 11:00am or noon.  It is almost 6:00pm, and the large, fluffy white stuff is still floating out of the heavens.  So much for predictability! Doesn’t that sound like life, though!  We hope for and declare all sorts of things, both good and bad. Continue reading “UNPREDICTABLE”


Here are two questions that may not help you a lot today, or even tomorrow; yet if you answer them, you might just save your life and the lives of those around you.   WARNING:  This is not a popular topic; in fact, most of us would like to avoid it, but here goes:  Continue reading “BE PREPARED”


I used to have a friend who was a “one-liner” kind of guy. One of his sayins was, “Join where you’re successful.” I have a new twist on that: BUILD where you’re successful! You can apply this to activities, affiliations, relationships, personal habits or just about anything else that comes to mind. A useful toolContinue reading “WHERE TO BUILD”


My front yard used to be known as the neighborhood weed patch.  The year after I moved into this place, I turned it into a garden, so I call it my “yarden.”   This year, we had just the right mix of warm weather and spring rain, so the yarden really flourished.  Umm, that includesContinue reading “A BEE FRIENDLY PLACE”