The sun is far enough south now; it shines through my livingroom and dining room windows. It’s warmth enfolds me:  Body, soul and spirit in a delicious embrace. I especially love sunshine through a window in the middle of winter:  The icy, cold world is held at bay, while I snuggle in warmth and light. Continue reading “SUNSHINE THROUGH THE WINDOW”


I stand on the porch. Raindrops fall with quiet gentleness, Stroking my face; Running their fingers through my hair; Dancing on my shoulders. Their fragrance is sweet. Their pungent mix intoxicates me; Comforts my soul, Delivers my mind from noisy thoughts Until I’m still within. Coolness holds me close, Enfolding me in soft, breezy arms;Continue reading “RAINY EVENING”


Here’s to the peacemakers, who don’t just smooth things over or try to pretend that wrong things are okay. Instead, they speak truth, call people to a higher place, negotiate compromise that works, often standing up for vulnerable ones. They bring reconciliation among people who have not been able to resolve differences on their own.Continue reading “PEACEMAKERS”


Great and lovely valley, Filled with so much life: Cougars, deer, elk, eagles Crops, forest, livestock; Place of fullness. Seasons chase each other, From hottest to cold: Summer heat to bright fall; Snow to rains in spring; Ever changing. Small towns, farms and woodlands Make a giant quilt, Looking down from high peaks, Surrounding theContinue reading “VALLEY OF PEACE”