There is a kind of simplicity that is undesirable: It’s the simple minded demand that all situations, no matter how complex they ar, be addressed with simple explanations and solutions.  “Don’t bother me with the facts,” such a person says.  “I don’t care about the details; they only confuse me.”  The lack of insight andContinue reading “Simplicity”


We see and hear so many things That violate and trouble our souls; It’s time for us to step away For refreshment that heals all our woes.     Stop to consider the beauty That surrounds and greets us each day: Smiling faces, music and love; Sights and sounds to cheer in every way.  Continue reading “BEAUTIFUL THINGS”


Something wonderful happens when people get together to share music.  There’s a synergy about it that makes the warmth and delight so much greater than the songs themselves.   I think that is my favorite thing about recitals.  They are gatherings of people ranging in age from 6 to 60-ish, all performing the ppieces theyContinue reading “RECITAL”


Beauty looks like many colors; Green of summer, white of snow; Purple, yellow, red of flowers; Lofty heights their splendors show. Beauty sings in many voices; Treble songs and basses low; Glorious anthems forever raising; Some familiar some unknown. Beauty touches all our senses; Fingers soft that bring delight; Even things that seem mysterious FillContinue reading “BEAUTY”