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There is a kind of simplicity that is undesirable:
It’s the simple minded demand that all situations, no matter how complex they ar, be addressed with simple explanations and solutions.  “Don’t bother me with the facts,” such a person says.  “I don’t care about the details; they only confuse me.”  The lack of insight and engagement is both mind boggling and burdensome.

Soundbites and the opinions of talk show hosts will suffice for these shallow, unwise ones.  To think for themselves would probably give them a headache!

Then there is a simplicity that is beautiful and noble.
It is often quiet and unassuming; bathed in thought and prayer.
People who practice this lack of complication enjoy the good things of life; yet they are not in pursuit of prestige or extravagance.  A beautiful sunset delights them.  Time spent with family and friends is priceless.
One hallmark of such individuals is astuteness.  These ones think with both sides of their brains.  They question, explore and research; never settling for the status quo.  If you were to visit their homes, you would find shelves full of books, art and music in every room, along with creative endeavors.  They might not have the most uncluttered place you’ve ever seen.  That’s because they are busy with thought, creation and relationships.
Another quality is the very high amount of respect and honor these people have for the world:  Their fellow humans, animals, the environment, principles such as decency and generosity.
This simplicity is a paradox, filled with all shades of reality and nuance.
To know people who live this life is to be inspired and encouraged.
How very different these two kinds of simplicity are!  One word; opposite meanings.
That really describes our world, doesn’t it?  The Earth and her inhabitants are concentric systems, interwoven into complex patterns and relationships; yet there is a simple matter of watching, listening, tasting, feeling, smelling, enjoying and caring for all that is around us.

May you discover and appreciate the lovely, noble sort of simplicity that revives and nurtures you.



We see and hear so many things
That violate and trouble our souls;
It’s time for us to step away
For refreshment that heals all our woes.



Stop to consider the beauty
That surrounds and greets us each day:
Smiling faces, music and love;
Sights and sounds to cheer in every way.


Plains and mountains, deserts and hills;
Fragrances from blossoms so sweet;
Sunshine or rain, clouds and blue sky;
Cold winters, spring warm and summer heat.



Things that injure seem plentiful;
Out numbering all that is right
But if we pay close attention,
We’ll find beautiful things that delight.


Something wonderful happens when people get together to share music.  There’s a synergy about it that makes the warmth and delight so much greater than the songs themselves.


I think that is my favorite thing about recitals.  They are gatherings of people ranging in age from 6 to 60-ish, all performing the ppieces they have spent time learning.  Not everyone plays well.  Today, for example, two children really got lost in their piano pieces.  It doesn’t matter:  The audience still applauds and encourages them to keep trying.  Others play quite well and get to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that.  All of this builds camaraderie.


I especially love the young ones.  They are so proper about introducing their offering and play with such diligence.  Not only that, they’re just plain cute!


Music is a language that crosses all sorts of barriers:  Age, ability, gender,  culture, belief and orientation.  I have often been intrigued when I encounter this:  People who normally would not be in the same proximity, let alone talk to each other, seem to let their guard down and become quite approachable.  They will visit with and smile at the same ones that they had ignored or avoided earlier:  Fascinating!  This is most true when people sing a familiar song.  Perhaps it is that there is a certain vulnerability about joining hearts, minds and voices that way.


I wonder:  Would this be a way to greater peace in the world?


My piano stands as a reminder
Of the music in my soul,
Waiting to be let out;
Passion yet to be expressed;
Melodies rich and full.


The piano keys are always ready
To be played with love and zeal
Creating harmonies;
With dynamics soft and loud;
Describing how I feel.


Even when my piano is silent,
The music within plays on,
With crescendos and rests;
Percussions played by heartbeats;
Ever a living song.



Beauty looks like many colors;
Green of summer, white of snow;
Purple, yellow, red of flowers;
Lofty heights their splendors show.

Beauty sings in many voices;
Treble songs and basses low;
Glorious anthems forever raising;
Some familiar some unknown.

Beauty touches all our senses;
Fingers soft that bring delight;
Even things that seem mysterious
Fill us with sensations bright.

Beauty hides for many reasons;
Calling us to come explore;
Hoping that we’ll seek and chase her,
Knowing we will want her more.