I will reach higher; If I happen to fall, I will get up, Dust myself off And try again.   I will look farther; If I don’t see at all, I will grow still, Quietly wait, Carefully attend.   I will hope stronger; Obey the deeper call Of my own heart; The soft voice ofContinue reading “DEEPER CALL”


Possibilities come our way each day; Are you watching for them? No one really knows how they’ll appear Or what they’ll look like.   Sometimes, they hide in comments made by friends; Are you listening for them? Subtle words form riddles and puzzles That want to be solved.   Opportunities will stand in plain view;Continue reading “POSSIBILITIES”


We see and hear so many things That violate and trouble our souls; It’s time for us to step away For refreshment that heals all our woes.     Stop to consider the beauty That surrounds and greets us each day: Smiling faces, music and love; Sights and sounds to cheer in every way.  Continue reading “BEAUTIFUL THINGS”