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How Can We Have Hope

How can we have hope
In times so full of fear;
When troubles seem to boil,
Robbing us of peace and cheer?


How can we hold on
When violence is brewing;
Pouring into our streets,
Its hateful venom spewing?


The answer is this;
Its secret not hidden:
Surroundings can’t stop her,
For hope is born from within.


The Paradox

There is truth on both sides of the abortion issue:


Yes, according to the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the US Constitution, a woman has the right to choose when it comes to her own body, including the tragic and sad matter of having an abortion.  The two amendments cited are #9 and #14.


Yes, to have an abortion is to kill the baby in her womb.  The word fetus is Latin meaning, “little one.”


How do we unload this so that we can wrestle with this difficult, very emotional paradox?

My own thoughts are that we start by respecting both sides.  As long as each rejects, judges and points fingers at the other, there can be no conversation.

Next, let’s get it into context.  By the time a woman is choosing to end the life in her womb, plenty has happened.  While I have met one or two women who could make this choice with little or no concern, that is not the case overall.  Almost every time, this is a serious, heart wrenching struggle.

All sorts of factors come into play, including but not limited to relationships, economics, medical concerns, mental health, beliefs and culture.

AS we try to address such a difficult subject, let’s also recognize that everyone involved is vulnerable; there is no such thing as neutral, intellectually, politically, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise.


There are people who have invested time, energy, money and home in putting their actions where their beliefs are.  Gold stars to each of them.  There are also people who have dedicated themselves to fighting for women’s rights; gold stars to them as well.  To all who have done more than philosophize:  Who have offered support, comfort, counsel and resources, thank you.


Again, the reason for discussing this at all is to find common ground, solutions and progress.

What are your thoughts?