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Cat and Mouse

This is on my more political blog; enjoy:




It occurred to me that comparing headlines mightbe be yet another way to size up Presidential candidates.  This turned out to be a bit challenging:  I found two on Donald Trump right away, but had to do searches on the other three.  To keep thins fair, I used the same search engine.

One reason for finding news about Mr. Trump is that the media seems to consider him more entertaining.  (Just my observation)


So, here are two headlines for each candidate:


Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was arrested and charged in Jupiter, Florida, with simple battery of former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, according to police.

Mr. Trump’s defense of his campaign manager shows his lack of judgement



Hillary Clinton Releases Spotify Playlist For Women’s History Month


After third Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton turns focus to fundraising



Jeb Bush endorses Ted Cruz in Republican presidential race


Affair Allegations May Threaten Ted Cruz’s Support Among Evangelicals … making headlines, it’s not a good look for a presidential candidate.



Bernie Sanders: ‘All options’ on table if Iran cheats on nuclear deal


Sanders launches late-stage bid to woo superdelegates


What do you think?  Do headlines have any validity when it comes to choosing a President?



It’s 2016:  A presidential election year in the US…and it is already heating up!  Actually, candidattes got a jump on things in 2015, so we get an extra long dose of political rhetoric.


I say, get your survival kit ready; you’re going to need it.


First, the zapper for your TV.  Flipping channels or muting ads is a must!


For detoxing, some really funny political cartoons of your own choosing or making.  Laugh often:  It really helps!


Then, plenty of time away from all things election – TV, publications, the Internet, discussions..  Get some rest and perspective.  You might need some earplugs, especially if you live with or near someone who is really into television or politics.


Good books?  Games or puzzles?


Then, there are those people who will completely annoy you because their views are so WEIRD!  You might need some ready-made excuses to get away from them.


All of us could use some help here:  Do you have some additions to the Election Year Survival Kit?