Do you ever create a meal that turns out especially good, to the point that you want to share it? I did that for lunch today: Get out a cookie sheet; set the oven to 325. Now, peel beets and cut them into 1/4-inch slices.  (I call these “beet steaks,” especially if they are largeContinue reading “ROASTED VEGIES”


She stared out the window, Though she didn’t really know why she was watching For footprints in the snow. Expectation filled her; She was apprehensive too, Studying the ground For footprints old or new. There was just a blanket As far as the eye could see, Stretching smooth and white; Where could her darling be?Continue reading “FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW”


There are hidden opportunities To be discovered or created: When things don’t work as planned; When we come to our wit’s end; At times of loss or undoing. Unexpected possibilities Not imagined and unpredicted: Coming out of our pain; When we fail; then try again; At points of learning and knowing. We encounter fresh realitiesContinue reading “LOOK FOR THE UNEXPECTED”


The Seeds were planted months ago, After clearing the ground and tilling the soil. At first, it seemed that nothing was happening; Then, green shoots appeared, Growing into plants, And finally, bearing fruit But the fruit was small, hard and green It was sour with no flavor whatsoever. Then, as rain, sun and fresh airContinue reading “THE BOUNTIFUL HARVEST”