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Now, More Than Ever

I wrote this as I thought about the incredibly negative news that tends to invade our homes each day.

My hope and belief is, what gets presented is not how the majority of us think, feel or act.  It is important to realize this and keep the power of choice that we each have.



Now, more than ever,
The choices you make count:
Hold to high standards;
Raise the bar;
Don’t follow;
Instead, step up and lead out.


Now, more than ever,
Mercy and love we need;
Open your heart wide;
Give in love;
Don’t withhold;
Instead, give generously.


Now, more than ever,
We need to hear your voice,
As you speak the truth;
Say what’s right;
Without fear;
Let’s make the uplifting choice.


Outrageous Grace

This song has been around for a while, but it is so appropriate for the tumultuous times in which we find ourselves.  Be comforted and encouraged:


You make a difference
By what you do and say.
Speak truth and foster hope,
Watch darkness fly away;
Join in fear and hatred;
Bring in a violent day.


Shun bad news and gossip;
Hold to all that is right;
Promote peace, hope and love;
make the world strong and bright.
Truly make a difference;
Live as love’s shining light.


We see and hear so many things
That violate and trouble our souls;
It’s time for us to step away
For refreshment that heals all our woes.



Stop to consider the beauty
That surrounds and greets us each day:
Smiling faces, music and love;
Sights and sounds to cheer in every way.


Plains and mountains, deserts and hills;
Fragrances from blossoms so sweet;
Sunshine or rain, clouds and blue sky;
Cold winters, spring warm and summer heat.



Things that injure seem plentiful;
Out numbering all that is right
But if we pay close attention,
We’ll find beautiful things that delight.


The greatest wealth
Cannot be bought or sold.
It can’t be held in your hand
Or added to a financial plan.
It’s available to young and old.



The greatest wealth
Is only acquired
When we surrender to love;
All the goodness that comes from above;
As we are fed by llife’s inner fire.



The greatest wealth
Might possibly be found
In love for all that’s living;
By honoring, caring, forgiving;
By spreading every blessing around.


The soothing warmth of sunshine;
Music that fills my soul;
Interesting conversation
That leaves me happy and full.


Caresses of affection,
Tangibly and in word;
One who carefully listens,
So that I know I am heard.


Mysterious adventure;
Unanswered questions tease;
Call me to deeper places;
Such things inspire me as these.


The Meaning of Life:

What is life
And why am I here?
To enjoy all the pleasures
and know all the cheer
Of chasing bugs and such,
Taking a nap;
Being treated as royalty,
For I am a cat!


I’m not vain,
Arrogant or proud;
I’m simply realistic
And say so out loud.
Everybody knows that
We’re great, you see;
Deserving of all compliments
That’s how it should be.

What is Life?
Why do we exist?
To give others perspective;
To teach and assist
The world in knowing
Its proper place
In the love and care of felines;
Admiring their grace.