One step at a time; Keep a steady pace We’re in it for the long haul; This is no sprint or race.   Look ahead not back Eyes set on the goal Of greater things before you; That lift and feed your soul.   This is how to walk On the path called Life; WithContinue reading “HOW TO WALK”


“An encore career is work in the second half of life that combines continued income, greater personal meaning, and social impact. These jobs are paid positions often in public interest fields, such as education, the environment, health, the government sector, social services, and other nonprofits.”  -Wikipedia   As Baby Boomers entered their late 50’s orContinue reading “AUTHENTICITY”


Have you laughed at least once today?  Have you found one tiny reason to smile? It’s amazing how even the slightest chuckle will lift our heavy spirit and help us to find new perspective.  Laughter relieves pain, lowers blood pressure, knocks the depression monster down to size…and just makes us feel good all ’round! IContinue reading “LAUGH EACH DAY”


The overcoming spirit is neither cruel nor mean; Not especially crude or rough. Persevering, this spirit is tenacious and strong; Well disciplined, determined and tough.   Such a one is steadfast in seeking wisdom and strength, Nourished by courage and hope. Armed with understanding that “can’ts” are just distractions; That there are treasures to findContinue reading “THE OVERCOMING SPIRIT”

OVERCOMING 1: Considerations and Components

Someone recently asked me, “What is needed to overcome a problem?”   I decided that this would be worth at least one post, so here goes:   My first thought is that there are some necessary components to overcoming, whether that is disability, illness, survivor issues or other life circumstances.  Just by definition, overcoming involvesContinue reading “OVERCOMING 1: Considerations and Components”


How would you describe “passion”? Often it is used to express romantic feelings and actions. Sometimes, it refers to something that a persson really loves to do; something about which someone is especially enthusiastic.   I have a different understanding of passion: Passion is something that won’t let go of us, that we can’t layContinue reading “PASSION”