Always Something New

As long as there is life, There will always be something new: Blossoms in Spring; Fruit in July; Thoughts and ideas; A newborn baby’s cry. As long as we search, We’ll always find something true: Words from a friend; Hope when we pray; Peace at evening’s end; The dawn of a new day.


Just when you think you’ve had enough; The cold gets you down; Trudging through snow seems so rough, Out come lovely heralds of Spring: Some of them blooming While others start to sing. Just about the time you give in To endless Winter, All around you will begin To awaken and give new birth SoContinue reading “HERALDS OF SPRING”


Today was more like winter than mid fall:  Cold, windy and wet.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it freezes tonight…or snows…or both.   Thankfully, my “yarden” is all put to bed.  The hoses are picked up, drained and hung; more delicate bulbs have been dug and put into a box.   Some thingsContinue reading “PUT TO BED”