Happy Headlines

  As promised: WASHINGTON (CNN) – President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama have been in regular communication, a top Trump aide said Sunday.     NASHVILLE – A lottery player who bought a ticket in Lafayette, Tenn., has won a $420.9 million grand prize, the Tennessee Lottery announced early Sunday.     Online salesContinue reading “Happy Headlines”


I would love to hear from you: If you live somewhere other than the United States, please come tell about your country; if you do live in the US, add to the conversation. Go to https://patriotsvoiceblog.wordpress.com/2016/11/16/what-happens-in-your-country/ I look forward to hearing from you.


This is one of the short essays I wrote for my application to graduate school.  I thought it might be fun to share.  Enjoy:     I wonder how Louisa May Alcott and Emily Dickinson would react if they could experience the age of access in which we now live.  For that matter, what wouldContinue reading “ACCESS AND ITS PARADOXES”


“Happiness is a warm puppy.” Charles M. Schulz   March 23 is National Puppy Day… Okay, now International, since 2012.   An important emphasis is the adoption and proper care of dogs.   One serious note:  If you get a puppy, know that he or she will grow out of that soft, warm, cuddly stageContinue reading “DOGS AND PUPPIES EVERYWHERE”