Always Something New

As long as there is life, There will always be something new: Blossoms in Spring; Fruit in July; Thoughts and ideas; A newborn baby’s cry. As long as we search, We’ll always find something true: Words from a friend; Hope when we pray; Peace at evening’s end; The dawn of a new day.

Writer’s Block

It seems  that there are so many fresh thoughts and ideas coming into my head; So much new information:  News items, results of studies and research… Yet the things that are solid enough to put on paper – or computer – seem old and stale. The new things are like trying to catch clouds OrContinue reading “Writer’s Block”


Stale thoughts and old dreams are melting; snow that slowly shrinks in the presence of sunlight. New promise springs forth, blossoming into hope and fresh dreams, never thought of before now. Memories of loss and mistakes made become soil for new learning and ideas. The anticipation of the coming season, when flowers bloom and fruitContinue reading “A NEW SEASON”


The soothing warmth of sunshine; Music that fills my soul; Interesting conversation That leaves me happy and full.   Caresses of affection, Tangibly and in word; One who carefully listens, So that I know I am heard.   Mysterious adventure; Unanswered questions tease; Call me to deeper places; Such things inspire me as these.


I often create recipes, mostly because I can’t find things made the way I like them. This week, it’s pumpkin cake. My goal was to have something healthy that tastes good. So, here it is: List #1 2 cups pumpkin (I grow and process my own.) 1 cup yogurt  (Plain or honey works well; fruitContinue reading “PUMPKIN CAKE”