Seed sown in anger, Frustration and fear Yields fruit that makes us ill; But seed sown in hope With vision That’s clear Prospers and brings good will.     Hatred spawns hatred; Prejudice brings death Breaking nations apart. But love and kindness Is Life’s very breath, Uniting us in heart.     Choose seeds thatContinue reading “SEEDS”


I was talking to a friend who lives with her mother so that she can assist her. One of their regular outings is to the local senior center, where her mother, whom I will call Anne, is among peers and has the opportunity to visit. My friend was telling me that a number of people have startedContinue reading “EQUAL HONOR”


Here’s to the peacemakers, who don’t just smooth things over or try to pretend that wrong things are okay. Instead, they speak truth, call people to a higher place, negotiate compromise that works, often standing up for vulnerable ones. They bring reconciliation among people who have not been able to resolve differences on their own.Continue reading “PEACEMAKERS”