Spring Fever

It got up to 52 degrees F today.  I seriously considered going out to do some yard work.  If this were mid October or so and it reached the same mark on the thermometer, I would say it’s too cold to work outside.  The difference?  Spring fever.  True, 52 is warm, compared to say 21. Continue reading “Spring Fever”


For those of us who live in the US, Thanksgiving is at hand.  Here is my tribute this year:   Thank you for all blessings, Tremendous and small. In good times and seasons; For harvest in Fall.   for joy and laughter; Smiles, hugs and tears; For friends and neighbors Growing closer through the years.Continue reading “THANKSGIVING TRIBUTE 2015”


The Seeds were planted months ago, After clearing the ground and tilling the soil. At first, it seemed that nothing was happening; Then, green shoots appeared, Growing into plants, And finally, bearing fruit But the fruit was small, hard and green It was sour with no flavor whatsoever. Then, as rain, sun and fresh airContinue reading “THE BOUNTIFUL HARVEST”