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Spring Fever

spring_fever___feel_the_nature_by_manu34-d65zebwIt got up to 52 degrees F today.  I seriously considered going out to do some yard work.  If this were mid October or so and it reached the same mark on the thermometer, I would say it’s too cold to work outside.  The difference?  Spring fever.  True, 52 is warm, compared to say 21.  It’s also quite chilly after being bathed in 90+ degree heat.  But there’s more to spring fever than the change in weather.

There’s this urge to dig into the warming soil and inhale that wonderful smell.  Then, there are the fragrances of spring:  Blossoms of all sorts, freshly mowed lawns and rain washed air.  All of this is intensified by the desire to plant seeds and starts; then nurture them until they produce delicious yummies…or beautiful flowers.

The only cure for spring fever is to get outside.  Warm sun, fresh air, some hard work and accomplishment will surely bring improvement to the most avid gardener.

Happy planting, all.



For those of us who live in the US, Thanksgiving is at hand.  Here is my tribute this year:


Thank you for all blessings,
Tremendous and small.
In good times and seasons;
For harvest in Fall.


for joy and laughter;
Smiles, hugs and tears;
For friends and neighbors
Growing closer through the years.


For hope in the hard times
That helps us move on;
For warm and comfort;
For giving us a song.


Thank you for all things,
Even when we forget
To acknowledge your goodness
You’re our provider yet.


Thanks for new beginnings
That let us start again.
For every treasure,
WE bless you.  Amen.


The Seeds were planted months ago,
After clearing the ground and tilling the soil.
At first, it seemed that nothing was happening;
Then, green shoots appeared,
Growing into plants,
And finally, bearing fruit

But the fruit was small, hard and green
It was sour with no flavor whatsoever.
Then, as rain, sun and fresh air did their work,
The fruit grew bigger;
It grew plump and sweet
Juice flowed from its colored cheeks.

People gathered to enjoy it
With family and friends around tables piled high,
Full of salads, meats and foods lovingly prepared
Thoughts of favorite treats
Bringing great pleasure
To people precious and dear.