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Writer’s Block

It seems  that there are so many fresh thoughts and ideas coming into my head;
So much new information:  News items, results of studies and research…
Yet the things that are solid enough to put on paper – or computer – seem old and stale.

The new things are like trying to catch clouds
Or hold the current of a river still long enough to be examined and described.
Does it always have to be that the newborns of life are soft and pliable?
But then, that is part of their loveliness.

Hopes, dreams, possibilities:
All like children yet to be conceived!
O that I will be able to hold some long enough to write about them!




I will reach higher;
If I happen to fall,
I will get up,
Dust myself off
And try again.


I will look farther;
If I don’t see at all,
I will grow still,
Quietly wait,
Carefully attend.


I will hope stronger;
Obey the deeper call
Of my own heart;
The soft voice of
My inward friend.



Sometimes rain comes softly,
With a subtle touch and light step,
She arrives in the dark of night.
The signs of her visit
Are fragrant, crystalline jewels
That sparkle in the morning light.

Then there are sudden times,
When Thunder and Lightning join her
Accompanied by mighty wind.
Great chaos and drama
Send creatures running for cover
To escape the ferocious din.

No matter how Rain comes,
Whether in quiet gentleness
Or with all her bluster and show.
In all times and seasons;
Day or night, summer or winter;
She comes, but then she’ll always go.


Darkness yields to dawning light;
Ones asleep for a long, cold season
Begin to awaken and stir.



Thoughts and dreams once lost in time
Slowly rise up from deepest places,
Where they wait and hope for rebirth.



Feelings bring fresh sensation,
Sweet misery made from pain and joy
Sing new songs of resurrection.



Sleep cannot last forever,
Nor can suppression anesthetize
The heart and soul of humankind.



Life is stronger and brighter;
She calls us to join her in the dance
Of joyful hope that leads onward.


Stretch the limits
Of your expectations;
Of what you already know.
Stretch the limits
Until you have found
Inspiration for your soul.


Stretch the limits
Of what you thought possible;
Of all your wishes and dreams;
Stretch the limits
Until you have learned
Life is bigger than it seems.


Stretch the limits;
Then stretch them some more;
Take heart, they really won’t break.
Stretch the limits
Until you have lived
In wholeness, fully awake.



The river starts in seclusion,
A spring flowing out of the ground.
At first, it is quiet;
Barely heard;
The tiny trickle of water
Begins its journey downhill.
As it grows, it gains momentum;
Breaking down rocks, moving debris.
Spilling in waterfalls
Over cliffs;
Pooling and racing on its way,
Spreading and growing deeper.
It brings life giving nourishment
To creatures and plants of all kinds;
Drinking its refreshment;
Drawing strength;
Cooled by its beautiful presence;
Living in its broader depths.
The river grows quiet again,
Its current deep and powerful;
Supporting large vessels
On their way
To nearby ports or the ocean,
Where river yields to the sea.