I will reach higher; If I happen to fall, I will get up, Dust myself off And try again.   I will look farther; If I don’t see at all, I will grow still, Quietly wait, Carefully attend.   I will hope stronger; Obey the deeper call Of my own heart; The soft voice ofContinue reading “DEEPER CALL”


Promise is a wonderful treasure, Precious and delicately formed. She’s to be valued beyond measure; Protected from theft and harm.   Plenty would seek to steal your blessing, As innocent as they might seem. So brazenly without redressing; Unashamed of killing a dream.   Don’t let them come near your heart and soul With theirContinue reading “HOLD TO PROMISE”


Keep reaching higher, Ever holding to your goal; Your belief that you can do it is most important.     Take breaks to rest and plan; One step at a time; not leaps and bounds.     Soon you’ll begin to notice Undeniable signs of progress Coming your way; Catching your attention; Encouraging you asContinue reading “KEY TO SUCCESS”


The morning is clear; It’s a new day. I set fresh expectationts And try a different way To view the world and live; Express new hope and dreams; For the old thing I thought Is not quite like it seems.   I’ll sort through the stones Of yesterday; Some I will gladly treasure; Others I’llContinue reading “NEW DAY; FRESH EXPECTATIONS”

OVERCOMING 1: Considerations and Components

Someone recently asked me, “What is needed to overcome a problem?”   I decided that this would be worth at least one post, so here goes:   My first thought is that there are some necessary components to overcoming, whether that is disability, illness, survivor issues or other life circumstances.  Just by definition, overcoming involvesContinue reading “OVERCOMING 1: Considerations and Components”


Building of any kind starts with a dream, Unfolding into ideas and plans; Investments of time, imagination, often material resources; Listening to good counsel and considering all angles; Discussing possibilities and alternatives; Identifying pitfalls, solving problems and sometimes trying again; New approaches that bring even bigger results; Growing and establishing greater presence. Be sure toContinue reading “BUILDING”


Recently, I’ve had to deal with a rather long term struggle:  Knowing who I am and feeling good about myself when others don’t seem to recognize or appreciate me. The lesson that goes with this is, others’ assessment of me doesn’t matter when it comes to my identity. or, as T. Cole-Whittaker  called the bookContinue reading “STAND TALL”