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I will reach higher;
If I happen to fall,
I will get up,
Dust myself off
And try again.


I will look farther;
If I don’t see at all,
I will grow still,
Quietly wait,
Carefully attend.


I will hope stronger;
Obey the deeper call
Of my own heart;
The soft voice of
My inward friend.



Promise is a wonderful treasure,
Precious and delicately formed.
She’s to be valued beyond measure;
Protected from theft and harm.


Plenty would seek to steal your blessing,
As innocent as they might seem.
So brazenly without redressing;
Unashamed of killing a dream.


Don’t let them come near your heart and soul
With their propoganda and lies.
It’s promise that helps to keep us whole;
To guard her is prudent and wise.


If you clothe Promise and Dreams in light
Of truth, reality and grace;
If you hold to what you know is right,
These treasures will come take their place.


Hold Promise tightly, embrace her;
Then listen to Dream’s hopeful word.
Pursue your heart’s longing without fear;
Rejoice when they begin to stir.


Keep reaching higher,
Ever holding to your goal;
Your belief that you can do it is most important.



Take breaks to rest and plan;
One step at a time; not leaps and bounds.



Soon you’ll begin to notice
Undeniable signs of progress
Coming your way;
Catching your attention;
Encouraging you as you keep reaching;
Stretch and grow; don’t stop…
Success is yours at last!


The morning is clear;
It’s a new day.
I set fresh expectationts
And try a different way
To view the world and live;
Express new hope and dreams;
For the old thing I thought
Is not quite like it seems.


I’ll sort through the stones
Of yesterday;
Some I will gladly treasure;
Others I’ll throw away.
There are some stones to keep
With some transformation
That brings out their beauty;
That builds inspiration.


I’ll start with fresh hope;
I’ll sing and pray,
Until my expectations
Chase any gloom away.
I’ll set my gaze forward;
Press into all that’s right.
The dawn of this new day
Is wonderful and bright!


One step at a time;
Keep a steady pace
We’re in it for the long haul;

This is no sprint or race.


Look ahead not back
Eyes set on the goal
Of greater things before you;
That lift and feed your soul.


This is how to walk
On the path called Life;
With tenacity and hope;
In peace and without strife.
Steady as you go;
Grow along the way,
Until you arrive at last
To the Eternal Day.

OVERCOMING 1: Considerations and Components

Someone recently asked me, “What is needed to overcome a problem?”


I decided that this would be worth at least one post, so here goes:


My first thought is that there are some necessary components to overcoming, whether that is disability, illness, survivor issues or other life circumstances.  Just by definition, overcoming involves some hard work, endurance and difficulty.


At the top of my list is the need to make a decision.  In one sense, it really is that simple.  If you want to overcome, you have to decide that you will.  Nobody can do that for you; overcoming doesn’t happen by itself.  Make your choice carefully:  Know as much as you can about the challenge, what you need to “beat it” and what you need for resources.  Who will be your best supporter and cheer leader(s)?  Who will be the greatest nay sayer?  Hopefully, you are the head of your cheer leading team.  Having said that, there will be times when trusted people need to encourage, challenge and strengthen you.  Nay sayers might be some people who are close to you; they might be service providers or society in general.  Knowing who they are helps you to guard your heart around them.  Be diligent about keeping your power; don’t give them any.


Be realistic:  If I were to set my criterion for overcoming blindness as “I can see,”  I would be in for continued, severe disappointment.  If, however, my decision is that blindness won’t stop me from having healthy relationships, meaningful work and interesting hobbies, I’m good to go.  I still have to work with my disability.  I remember one of those “ah ha moments,” many years ago.  I was doing some homework when the realization that railing against limitations was using energy unnecessarily and keeping me from building on the possibilities.  It was one of those points of wisdom that helped me to embrace who I am as I am, instead of wishing that I were someone else.  I have a bachelors and two masters degrees; I’m a musician; I grow a lovely garden and have a fabulous circle of friends…  And yes, I’m still blind.


Step by step is the way to go.  Overcoming is an on-going process that happens every day.  Before you go to bed each night, ask yourself, “What can I do tomorrow that fits my goals?”  It may not be much, especially at first.  If you are learning to walk after an accident, for example, it could be as simple as wiggling your toes.  If you are building a new belief or identity, it could be a declaration that you will repeat throughout the day.  Here’s one:  It might be saying, “no” to someone you have enabled for years.  Write it down; remind yourself when you wake up.  A note on the mirror might be helpful.


Have mercy.  Because overcoming has to do with obstacles of all sorts, there will be plenty of times when you fall or miss the goal.  That’s all right; get up, try again.  Adjust your approach when you need to.  Ask for help; seek wise counsel.  Do keep on keeping on – Perseverance is one of the necessary components.


Finally, at least in this bit of musing, build on what you have:  What already works, even a little bit?  What strengths, talents, resources and assistance do you have?  How can you use all of this to improve your life?  Another moment of wisdom for me was that I might not be able to see, but I can still use my other four senses, think, learn and feel; I have a strong intuitive sense that always serves me well…  I also have a stupendous memory, something that compensating for blindness probably enhanced.  You can build on assets far more easily than you can fight against deficits.  You can build on what you want; trying to deal with what you don’t want is only digging a hole in the ground.”


Okay, one more thought:  Do it!  Wanting and deciding are important; yet they are nothing if you don’t act on them.  Choose, set your goals; then GO for it!


Building of any kind starts with a dream,
Unfolding into ideas and plans;
Investments of time, imagination, often material resources;
Listening to good counsel and considering all angles;
Discussing possibilities and alternatives;
Identifying pitfalls, solving problems and sometimes trying again;
New approaches that bring even bigger results;
Growing and establishing greater presence.

Be sure to allow plenty of time
Until you enjoy the fruit of your labor.
Invite others to join in the celebration,
Lifting up happy voices at achievements;
Discussing new dreams and ideas that come in the course of life.
Identify the treasures that are dear to you and those you love;
never stop looking for the rainbows and whatever lies beyond the horizon;
Go forward, since there is no such thing as going back.