Blessings of Every Size

A frosty veil falling; Crystalline blanket white; Appearing in secret, While all sleep through the night; Then, upon rising, We see in the morning light The marvelous work of nature, So dazzling and bright. How many things happen Before we ever know? They’re neither seen nor touched; Some never seem to show; Then, upon learning,Continue reading “Blessings of Every Size”

Counting Kindnesses

One day, I had gone to one of my favorite delis for lunch.  I placed my order; then stood back out of the way to wait for it.  When the server came back, she informed me that someone had paid for my lunch.  That person remained anonymous.  I felt quite special and pleased by thisContinue reading “Counting Kindnesses”


Earrings and a neck-a-lace, Put on lay away At the store for two more weeks, Till you’ve cash to pay. Christmas Eve is coming soon, And you learned, oh man, Toasters and such don’t make her swoon; Do better if you can. Diamonds, rubies, peridot At a decent price; She won’t really care a lot,Continue reading “EARRINGS AND A NECK-A-LACE”