Season’s greetings

Snapshots resting on an open book; High tech boots that hug your toes; The blithe sound of chip readers charging your card; The plastic Santa softly glows. Everybody knows that cookies and a full punchbowl Help to make the season bright. Comp’ny execs with their eyes all aglow Are counting profits with delight: They know that SantaContinue reading “Season’s greetings”

Dry Christmas

Tis the season… For “Crunched up Christmas carols.” This one has all the cheese you’ll ever want, so get out the crackers…and if you dare, the wine: I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas, Just like the ones we used to know: When the eggnog’s virgin And no one’s purgin’ Our minds work clearly, not soContinue reading “Dry Christmas”


My black lab is almost 13 years old.  This is what it’s like to send him outside for a relieving break: “Galahad, go do your business.” “Now, why am I out here?  I can’t remember.” “Oh, that’s an interesting smell!  I’ll check it out…” “Maybe I’m out here to find some cat poop to eat…No,Continue reading “HOW AN OLD DOG THINKS”


At the risk of seeming catty, I thought I’d mews a while. It seems purrfectly acceptable And might even make someone smile. You might say you don’t know what fur, Purrhaps you prefur a tail, If you don’t laugh at all this punning, You might discover that you whale (oops, wrong animal.) If you paidContinue reading “A LITTLE MEWSING”