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Hope never dies;
She only sleeps.
And when the warmth of springtime comes,
She’ll awaken, yawn, stretch
And change into dreams fulfilled.




Stale thoughts and old dreams are melting; snow that slowly shrinks in the presence of sunlight.
New promise springs forth, blossoming into hope and fresh dreams, never thought of before now.
Memories of loss and mistakes made become soil for new learning and ideas.
The anticipation of the coming season, when flowers bloom and fruit ripens, is sweet.


Be still, my heart and mind,
So I can listen;
That I might find understanding,
Along with wisdom to guide me.
It so hard to hear
Amid the chatter
Bringing a lack of direction
Promoting too many ideas.
Peace to you, soul of mine;
Let truth speak to us;
Bring clarity and refreshment;
Then we will gladly sing and dance.


My journey started years ago,
When I was very small;
So tiny, in fact, I couldn’t be seen;
When no one knew me at all.

My travels went on through childhood,
Continued in my youth;
Taking me deeper in wisdom and grace
As I sought life, love and truth.

My path has led me to places
That seem dark and unclear;
With mysteries that could not be uncovered;
Yet intrigued and drew me near.

I ventured on to brighter days
That healed and strengthened me;
Then filled with courage, I continued in
My quest for reality.

And so it goes as I move on,
Traveling this life-long road,
I live as I was created to be
And find treasures yet to hold.