Counting Kindnesses

One day, I had gone to one of my favorite delis for lunch.  I placed my order; then stood back out of the way to wait for it.  When the server came back, she informed me that someone had paid for my lunch.  That person remained anonymous.  I felt quite special and pleased by thisContinue reading “Counting Kindnesses”


The greatest wealth Cannot be bought or sold. It can’t be held in your hand Or added to a financial plan. It’s available to young and old.     The greatest wealth Is only acquired When we surrender to love; All the goodness that comes from above; As we are fed by llife’s inner fire.Continue reading “THE GREATEST WEALTH”


People arrive with delicious treats, Carefully prepared; You’d think this is a famous cook off, But it’s not; It’s a neighborhood potluck. Ah here comes Mrs. Smith with goulash So tantalizing; And here comes Jane with berry cobbler It’s still hot And delicious with ice cream. Moms and dads, children and dogs all come, ReadyContinue reading “A NEIGHBORHOOD POTLUCK”


Can you think of something or someone you have encountered that really impacted you because of excellence? One for me was Guide Dog School. There was a high quality there that extended from the physical environment, to staff and students. The expectation that everyone would join in this standard was explicit and clearly demonstrated. TwoContinue reading “THE POWER OF EXCELLENCE”